Difference between Retro and Vintage Clothing?

Difference between Retro and Vintage Clothing?

Difference between Retro and Vintage Clothing?

Have you ever got confused about what’s the difference between Retro and Vintage clothing items? If yes, then great, you are at the perfect place. “Vintage” and “Retro” are two descriptive labels for styles and Clothing. In addition, these two words are also applicable to other designed objects.

We have heard this question tons of times, so finally, I decided to explain the difference between Retro and Vintage clothing items in detail. 

So let’s have a look. 

Vintage clothing Items: 

Vintage Clothing is a term that refers to an item made between the 1920s to 1980. The clothing items that got popular during this era are referred to as vintage clothing items. They depict old patterns, designs, fabrics, and styles. As we all know, fashion trends keep changing; we see something new in fashion walks and shows every year, and the old trends have become extinct. Simply put, a clothing item or an object 50-75 years old is commonly known as “Vintage clothing items”; these items are rarely available in some vintage shops and online stores. In some houses, our ancestors have stored a few vintage clothing items; our grandparents sometimes style those clothing pieces as an expression of fashion to recycle clothes and save money.

Some of the key features of Vintage Clothing items include: 

  • Vintage clothing items are full of details, including lapels, appliques, or designs. 
  • They also have modest cuts and lengths as compared to Modern Clothing items. 
  • They also have smaller proportions. 
  • The construction of vintage clothes is very different from other clothes.
  • Vintage items are authentic, meaning that they actually come from the old period.
  • Due to changes in clothing sizes, vintage clothes are often smaller than the size of everyday clothing items. 

Benefits of Buying vintage Clothing items: 

There are several benefits of buying Vintage clothing items. Some of them include: 

  • Vintage clothing items are made of pure and reliable fabrics; that’s the reason they are highly durable. 
  • Vintage clothing items have unique cuts and patterns; they will help you to stand out from the crowd. 
  • As these clothing items are old, they cost less; if you want to save money, then buying vintage items is better for you. 
  • They are nostalgic; you can relive your old days( if you are above 55 years). 
  • Vintage clothing items are the best gift for your parents or grandparents. 

Where to buy Vintage Clothing items? 

Some of the best and most reliable shops to buy vintage clothing items include charity-run second-hand clothing shops, garage sales, consignment shops, car boot sales, flea markets, antique markets, vintage clothing shops, estate sales, auctions, and vintage fashion. In addition, you can also search some Instagram and Facebook pages selling vintage items Like vintage varsity jackets at affordable prices. 

Retro clothing Items: 

Retro is the common term that is associated with Vintage Clothing; it is the type and style that refers to previous fashion trends. Retro Originated from the Latin word “retrospect,” which means “backward.”

“Retro” is different from “vintage clothing” with respect to appearances and material. It mostly has an updated and polished look, meaning that retro clothes are made with an old style or design but with new materials. In simple words, Retro is mainly borrowed, reproduced, or imitated designs. In addition that this term is also used to refer to street-style clothing items produced between 1960-1970. 

Vintage refers to the style, patterns, age, and construction of any clothing item, whereas Retro only deals with the appearance of any clothing item. 

Key features of Retro clothing items:
  • Retro clothes are reproduced materials. So they are not as authentic as vintage clothing items. 
  • Retro clothing items are not as durable as vintage clothing. 
  • Retro Clothing items are expensive as compared to vintage clothing. 
  • They have renewed cuts and patterns. 
Wrapping up: 

Here are the common differences between retro and vintage clothing items. Vintage clothing items are 50-70 years old clothing pieces, whereas retro style is an outdated style or fashion that has become fashionable again. 

What do you prefer? Vintage clothing items or Retro? And how do you style both of them? 

Also, Please share your experience of buying vintage clothing items from any online store. 

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